B Special Alpine

The late 1930's saw Bentley Motors produce high performance touring cars for owners wishing to explore the roads of Continental Europe. The cars mainly left the factory in chassis form and the leading coachbuilders of the day vied with each other to produce some of the most elegant bodies ever seen.

Our example follows in the footsteps of these coachbuilders, our rendition has been taken from one of the lesser known coachbuilders who produced a one off example for a European owner for his use in the Alpine Trails of the late 30's, hence our Alpine label. Its sporting silhouette cleverly disguising the disappearing hood behind the front seats.

Enhanced by the use of the straight 8 cylinder B series 5875cc engine and the robust Bentley MK6 chassis, it gives effortless continental travel for today's driver.

  • Racing Green Engineering
    Alpine – Specification

    Chassis: Refurbished Bentley Mark 6

    Engine: Bentley  B Series 5,675cc, eight-cylinder in-line. Wet sump lubrication

    4 SU Type H.6 carburettors. Selectable engine driven mechanical or twin electric fuel pumps.

    Exhaust System: Large-bore straight through stainless steel exhaust system.

    Clutch: Single dry plate, heavy duty or lightweight diaphragm.

    Transmission: Bentley Four speed and reverse. Choice of crown wheel and pinion ratio.

    Suspension: Upgraded front and rear road springs

    Braking System: Hydraulic front drum brakes, mechanical rear drum brakes, assisted by mechanically driven servo.

    Wheels & Tyres: 19” wire wheels with 19 x 6.500 tyres. Knock on stainless steel spinners.

    Bodywork: Ash framed. Aluminium panelled. Double duck retractable hood and full tonneau cover. Folding windscreen fitted with laminated safety glass. All bright work chrome-plated. Interior leather upholstered, with driver and passenger bucket seats. High quality close woven carpets.